Gongyi City Huitong Pipeline Equipment Factory is the industry's leading new environment-friendly sewage rubber valve (Duckbill valve) Professional manufacturer of rubber products are the sewage check valve in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 international quality management system management. Pipeline Equipment Factory of Gongyi City Huitong Sewage rubber valve (Duckbill valves) experts is committed to the sewage perennial rubber valve (Duckbill valves) research and development and continuously develop high-tech sewage rubber valve (Duckbill valves) high-quality products. In addition, the company can provide users with rubber Sewage Check Valve Design, Check Valve Rubber sewage flow design, standard and non-standard design and manufacture of rubber Sewage Check Valve.

   Sewage Check Valve Rubber products: XH81XH41XH81AXH41A Rubber Sewage Check Valve (Duckbill valve) DN50-1800mm Rubber Sewage Check Valve (Duckbill valve) XH81-type rubber Sewage Check Valve DN20-2000mm (Duckbill valve) XH41 Type DN100-2000mm rubber sewage valve (Duckbill valves) XH81A type DN200-1200mm rubber sewage valve (Duckbill valves) XH41A type DN200-600mm Rubber sewage valve (Duckbill valves), etc。。


   "Huitong" people adhering to the "integrity first, quality first" quality policy, and dedicated customer service co-operation of old and new, welcome patronage!


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